[ntp:questions] New Windows NTP Installer available

Heiko Gerstung heiko_removeme_.gerstung at meinberg.de
Fri Jul 27 10:24:56 UTC 2007

David J Taylor schrieb:
> Heiko Gerstung wrote:
>> David J Taylor schrieb:
>>> Heiko Gerstung wrote:
>>>> Hi Gurus of Time!
>>> []
>>>> Best Regards,
>>>>  Heiko
>>> Heiko,
>>> On Windows 2000 Workstation the upgrade files-only installation fails
>>> with:
>>>   The ordinal 3837 could not be located in the dynamic link library
>>> LIBEAY32.dll
>>> Setup: ntp-4.2.4p3-RC1 at foehr-o-win32-setup.exe works fine.
>> Did you try to to a complete re-install as an alternative to the
>> "Upgrade Files only" approach and was that unsuccessful, too?
>>> The upgrade worked OK on some Windows XP Pro systems and one XP Home
>>> system.  Intentionally, not tested on NT4.
>> Thank you for your feedback. Sounds like there is a problem with the
>> SSL libaries on some systems.
>>> Cheers,
>>> David
>> Best Regards,
>> Heiko
> Heiko,
> No, I didn't want to loose my configuration, and I don't have more time to 
> test today.

OK. On a sidenote: The configuration file will not be deleted when you choose a 
full re-install, so no configuration is lost AFAICS. I appreciate your efforts 
and it seems that I already found the problem. I Will release a new version of 
the installer later today.

Best Regards,

> Cheers,
> David 

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