[ntp:questions] New Windows NTP Installer available

Danny Mayer mayer at ntp.isc.org
Fri Jul 27 13:48:42 UTC 2007

Heiko Gerstung wrote:
> gldickens3 schrieb:
>> Hello Heiko,
>> I installed the new ntp version ntp-4.2.4p3 at 1.1502-foehr-o-win32-
>> setup.exe for Windows and it works great. Thanks!
>> I have been testing it on four Windows XP machines one of which is a
>> laptop.  The improvements over the earlier version 4.2.0a are
>> significant specifically because of the bug 622 fix.  I have
>> successfully tested this new version as follows:
>> - Service auto-start on boot up
>> - Disconnect/reconnect to network.
>> - Hibernate/awaken
>> - Standby/awaken
> Sounds great! Thanks for testing!
>> I do have three issues that I have discovered.
> Oh, OK ... :-)
>> My first issue is the installation problem that you are already
>> discussing. I ended up just doing a complete uninstall/reinstall on
>> all of my machines which worked fine.
> Yes. The bug is that the upgrade mechanism tries to detect if you have installed 
> OpenSSL with the installer and if it thinks that you did not, it will skip 
> updating OpenSSL which in turn results in this unknown symbol (because the old 
> OpenSSL library is still used....).  I fixed that and uploaded a new version of 
> the foehr installer without bumping the version number. You can see that you 
> have the fixed version by looking at the digital signature which should be dated 
> July, 27th 2007 ... If you have a signature from yesterday, it is the first 
> version which still includes this bug.
>> My second issue is that on the initial boot of my machines the ntpd
>> service successfully autostarts but it only includes one (1) ntp time
>> server even though I have seven (7)  time servers in my configuration
>> file. After which, if I restart the ntpd service then all seven of my
>> ntp time servers are included. I have rebooted several times and I
>> have been able to consistently reproduce this phenomena. Also, I had
>> previously been running version ntp-4.2.4p3-RC1 at foehr-o-win32-
>> setup.exe for a few days since you announced it on this forum.  With
>> that version, on initial boot the ntpd service only included three (3)
>> out of the seven (7) time servers in my configuration file. Likewise,
>> a restart of the ntpd service would then include all seven ntp time
>> servers.  I find this very strange...
> Did you specifiy your missing servers by hostname or IP address in your ntp.conf 
> file? I could imagine that they are not used because the DNS service is not up 
> and running when NTP is started.
> ..
>> My third issue is minor. That is, the "ntpd --version" command does
>> not appear to work. The command hesitates for about 10 seconds and
>> then says: "Use -d, -q, --help or -n to run from the command line."
>> This happens regardless if the ntpd service is already running or
>> stopped.
> OK, I will have a look at this and probably file a bug.

Yes, it's a bug. One of the issues that's been difficult to resolve is
how to differentiate between a service and interactively running ntpd.
Currently the list of options that indicate to run interactively is


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