[ntp:questions] Is there any non-obvious reason why NTP won't increase the polling rate on a new system?

David L. Mills mills at udel.edu
Fri Jul 27 19:57:39 UTC 2007


The codes sends a log error message if the frequency file is specified, 
but cannot be written. While perhaps not a good idea, the log message 
will be repeated each time the write is attempted.


Pete Stephenson wrote:

> In article <viokn4-qar.ln1 at whisper.very.softly>,
>  Rikishi 42 <fsck_spam at telenet.be> wrote:
>>Let's no do so yet. Why don't we keep posting about it, until the value
>>reaches the desired level?
> Well, the server's proceeded to scale up to the proper timing intervals 
> (1024 seconds), so that's good.
> Oddly, the ntp user didn't have write permissions for the ntp.drift 
> file, so after every server restart it'd revert back to 0.000, causing 
> NTP to go into its "finding the drift frequency" mode for a while.
> I'm not sure why it took 13+ hours to go back to normal operation, but I 
> gave the ntp user write permission to the file and have since restarted 
> the daemon a few times for various reasons, and everything seems to be 
> working just fine.
> Huzzah.

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