[ntp:questions] New Windows NTP Installer available

Danny Mayer mayer at ntp.isc.org
Sat Jul 28 17:52:32 UTC 2007

Heiko Gerstung wrote:
>> My first issue is the installation problem that you are already
>> discussing. I ended up just doing a complete uninstall/reinstall on
>> all of my machines which worked fine.
> Yes. The bug is that the upgrade mechanism tries to detect if you have installed 
> OpenSSL with the installer and if it thinks that you did not, it will skip 
> updating OpenSSL which in turn results in this unknown symbol (because the old 
> OpenSSL library is still used....).  I fixed that and uploaded a new version of 
> the foehr installer without bumping the version number. You can see that you 
> have the fixed version by looking at the digital signature which should be dated 
> July, 27th 2007 ... If you have a signature from yesterday, it is the first 
> version which still includes this bug.

Testing for the version of OpenSSL is a waste of time. You should always
install it and in the same directory as the rest of the binaries which
should not be in system32 as you can affect other applications.

>> My second issue is that on the initial boot of my machines the ntpd
>> service successfully autostarts but it only includes one (1) ntp time
>> server even though I have seven (7)  time servers in my configuration
>> file. After which, if I restart the ntpd service then all seven of my
>> ntp time servers are included. I have rebooted several times and I
>> have been able to consistently reproduce this phenomena. Also, I had
>> previously been running version ntp-4.2.4p3-RC1 at foehr-o-win32-
>> setup.exe for a few days since you announced it on this forum.  With
>> that version, on initial boot the ntpd service only included three (3)
>> out of the seven (7) time servers in my configuration file. Likewise,
>> a restart of the ntpd service would then include all seven ntp time
>> servers.  I find this very strange...
> Did you specifiy your missing servers by hostname or IP address in your ntp.conf 
> file? I could imagine that they are not used because the DNS service is not up 
> and running when NTP is started.

DNS is a prerequisite for named hostnames.


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