[ntp:questions] Install NTP distribution for Windows...

Heiko Gerstung heiko_removeme_.gerstung at meinberg.de
Mon Jul 30 13:35:31 UTC 2007

Hi Vivien(?)!

raginel_vivien at hotmail.com schrieb:
> Hello !
> I come here because i have to install an NTP client software on a
> windows PC (I've already have a server which run under Linux) . I
> would like to do a software on  Labwindows/CVI which save the value of
> the Transmit Timestamps, the delay and the offset...
> I see two solutions to do that:
> 1- I install the NTP distribution by myself using Labwindows/CVI, and
> i make some change in the codes in order to save the value of the
> Transmit Timestamps, Delay and offset for each execution of the ntpd
> 2- I could use Meinberg NTP installer, and try to save the value of my
> varaibles from here
3- write a little bit more code and send a NTP request on your own and a 
listener which catches the reply from your NTP server.
4- use "ntpdate -d ip.of.your.server" to query your time server and read its 
output (which includes offset and delay and even the time stamp values if you 
use the "-d" option)

> So I've got two questions :
> - How can I install the NTP distribution with windows XP?...I've read
> a lot about it, but it's always confusing for me...

You will have to modify the code and then build your own binaries with MS Visual 
C++ 6 (or probably a newer version, but I am not sure). If you use our 
installer, you can simply replace the ntpd.exe it installs with your custom 
build and do not have to take care of installing it as a service and so on.

> - If i use the Meinberg NTP Installer, is it possible to save the
> value of the transmit timestamps, delay and offset in a file ?

You can create a few statistical files, the peerstats file should do the trick 
here. However, I am not sure about the xmit timestamp value ...

> Thanks to help me, I'm kind of lost in this work...I supposed I'm not
> the first to ask this, but i couldn't find a topic like mine...

I do not recall such a question, but my mind is probably not the most reliable 
storage solution on the market...


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