[ntp:questions] Petition to FCC for accurate timestamps and NTP

Tony Rutkowski trutkowski at verisign.com
Sat Jun 2 17:12:15 UTC 2007

The attached petition by DOJ to the FCC will have the
likely effect of driving NTP use across all network
infrastructure.  It will also likely be emulated around
the world.  The effect will be substantial.

During the public inquiry phase of the proceeding, there
will be significant dialogue about the deployment and use
of NTP today, about typical "accuracies" found in network
elements, and about how to best articulate a timestamp
"accuracy" requirement.  Some obvious considerations
would be to capture offset and jitter information about
the timestamp clock, as well as state explicitly what
reference clocks must be used.

Anyone have any pointers to existing metrics or dialogue
on these topics?  Is this a useful list for discussing the

Anyone interested in the matter can use the FCC rulemaking
docket website (ECFS) at
and entering "RM-11376" in block 1 to see all the

Anyone interested in filing comments can submit them
using the link indicated on the same URL.  Comments for
this initial phase are due 25 June; reply comments on
25 July.


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