[ntp:questions] Petition to FCC for accurate timestamps and NTP

Tony Rutkowski trutkowski at verisign.com
Mon Jun 4 12:20:10 UTC 2007

Hi Richard,

>A brief visit to the link above suggests that many thousands of pages of
>bureaucratic gibberish would have to be read in order to extract any
>content meaningful to the common man!

There aren't thousands of pages, but it is steeped in
legalese.  Bottom line is that the US DOJ is petitioning
the FCC for a mandate to institute a time-stamp "accuracy"
of 200 milliseconds for all network operators and
voice (including VoIP) providers - likely substantially
relying on NTP.  Almost all other countries have similar
requirements on the order of one second, which
will likely be reviewed through global standards bodies.

>Was there some point you were trying to make?

The following questions seem applicable:

1) Are there timestamp implementations/specifications
that capture "NTP-friendly" values like offset and jitter?

2) Are there recent surveys that indicate the extent of
NTP deployment across network infrastructures?

3) Are there any recent surveys/crawls that indicate
the state of clock accuracies across infrastructures?
Back in the 80s and 90s, there appear to have been
several done.  Is there anything recent?

thanks in advance,

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