[ntp:questions] Petition to FCC for accurate timestamps and NTP

Danny Mayer mayer at ntp.isc.org
Tue Jun 5 11:35:28 UTC 2007

Tony Rutkowski wrote:
> Hi David,
>> Attachements not allowed to a text newsgroup.  Please provide a URL.
> http://gullfoss2.fcc.gov/prod/ecfs/comsrch_v2.cgi
> enter "RM-11376" in box 1 and click on search.
> You will get the three documents in the docket.
> The public notice is 2 pages and describes the comment
> process created.  The 74 page PET RM describes the
> proposed requirements.  The relevant NTP related
> section is provided below.  The explicit NPT references
> occur near the end of the section

Actually I found 5 documents. There's a lot of reading involved but I'm
sure that you've captured the most important parts for NTP.


>> Please be aware that the rest of the world no longer follows the US.  Were
>> an international body involved, others might be more likely to listen.
> Almost every country has a similar requirement. The standards
> followed globally are those of ETSI and have a required
> accuracy of one second, but with a recently changed precision
> expression option to one millisecond.  The 200 millisecond
> requirement and reference to NTP will likely proceed in ETSI.
> Hope this helps.
> --tony

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