[ntp:questions] A Suggestion For Abolishing the Leap Second

mills at udel.edu mills at udel.edu
Wed Jun 6 16:52:47 UTC 2007


The precision kernel modifications implemented by me and in most current 
Unix kernels operate exactly as I specified. The 61st second is the 
second in which the clock is stopped or almost stopped. The "almost" 
refers to the Lamport provision that successive readings of the clock 
are monotone definite increasing. If the clock is read during the 
stopped second, it inreases by one LSB for each read. Thus, at the end 
of the second a small correction might be necessary. See the white paper 
on the NTP project page.


Guy Macon wrote:

> David L. Mills wrote:
>>It is important that the leap be substantially complete by the end of 
>>the inserted second, which is done by stopping or almost stopping the 
>>clock for one second.
> I don't think that the above is correct.  I believe that the clock 
> keeps running and counts off a 61st second.
> Guy Macon
> <http://www.guymacon.com/>

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