[ntp:questions] Petition to FCC for accurate timestamps and NTP

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Wed Jun 6 16:40:35 UTC 2007

Danny and Tony,

I found the rest of the document, including the section on time 
stamping. It appears that the main thrust of the document is CDMA2000 
and VoIP, specifically packet voice services, although it can be 
interpreted for other services as well. It looks like the carriers 
wanted to avoid extra work for packet voice services and omitted 
timestamping in the current voluntary industry standard. See the 
fascinating link at http://www.fcc.gov/calea/.

The DoJ and FBI strategy apparently is to request the FCC to promote the 
DoJ position as a rulemaking issue. That is an interesting strategy, as 
formerly the carriers operated with a voluntary industry standard. The 
Feds didn't get what they wanted in the industry standard, so  now they 
want the FCC to be the hammer.

The issue on timestamping says nothing about NTP, just the accuarcy 
requirement of 200 ms and delivery of the intercept within 8 s. It says 
nothing about UTC or NIST/USNO traceability.

Danny Mayer wrote:

> Tony Rutkowski wrote:
>>Hi David,
>>>Attachements not allowed to a text newsgroup.  Please provide a URL.
>>enter "RM-11376" in box 1 and click on search.
>>You will get the three documents in the docket.
>>The public notice is 2 pages and describes the comment
>>process created.  The 74 page PET RM describes the
>>proposed requirements.  The relevant NTP related
>>section is provided below.  The explicit NPT references
>>occur near the end of the section
> Actually I found 5 documents. There's a lot of reading involved but I'm
> sure that you've captured the most important parts for NTP.
> Danny
>>>Please be aware that the rest of the world no longer follows the US.  Were
>>>an international body involved, others might be more likely to listen.
>>Almost every country has a similar requirement. The standards
>>followed globally are those of ETSI and have a required
>>accuracy of one second, but with a recently changed precision
>>expression option to one millisecond.  The 200 millisecond
>>requirement and reference to NTP will likely proceed in ETSI.
>>Hope this helps.
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