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From: ray at ultimate-tech.com (Ray Dunn)
Newsgroups: uk.misc,soc.culture.british
Subject: Re: An apology from Mike Corley
Date: Wed Sep 27 14:20:36 1995
In referenced article, David Wooding says...
>Well, Mike Corley might or might not have written the apologies, but I
>think not. I thought the following line both witty and imaginative.
>>>It was the razor blades stuffed down between the keys that told me.
Corley himself denies posting this "apology", but I'm impressed if it
is a forgery.
Here's the header of my received email.  It looks very genuine except
for the fact that postings to newsgroups are directed through demon's
mail to news gateway, which is strange.
Also the message id is <m0sxbx2-000JEeC at bloor.torfree.net> which seems
to be in a different format from previous Corley postings, e.g.
<DFJJB3.6Ft.0.bloor at torfree.net
The mail seems to have been received directly from mail.torfree.net.
One way of telling for sure would be if anyone on the recipient list
contacted torfree, but did not publish any complaints on the newsgroups
- he would not have had access to their address in that case.
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>Newsgroups: uk.misc, uk.media, soc.culture.british,
soc.culture.canada, uk.legal, alt.conspiracy
>From: bu765 at torfree.net (Mike Corley)
>Subject: Oops! Sorry!
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