[ntp:questions] ntp performance

christian.pinedo.zamalloa at gmail.com christian.pinedo.zamalloa at gmail.com
Tue Jun 12 08:37:19 UTC 2007


I'm running a ntp stratum 1 server, ntp.i2t.ehu.es, and i'm having
some variations with the offset and frequency. These variations
depends on the day and climate, for example when it's very foggy. But
every day at the same time, between 0 and 10000 UTC seconds normally
at 3.00 am local time, there is a great peak of the offset. Oddly at
this time FreeBSD runs daily periodic tasks using cron and periodic
applications. My question is if a high CPU usage could produce a
variation of the offset in a FreeBSD machine. Did anybody have this

The graphic could be seen at http://services.i2t.ehu.es/ntp


Christian Pinedo Zamalloa

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