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> From: Karl Denninger <karl at denninger.net>
> Date: Wed, 13 Jun 2007 12:07:22 -0500
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> Steve Kostecke wrote:
> > On 2007-06-13, Karl Denninger <karl at denninger.net> wrote:
> > 
> >> If Multitech can't get me something better than what I have I may try
> >> to synthesize it with a daemon that attempts to "find" the change and
> >> then stuffs NTPD via a named pipe or something similar.
> > 
> > This what the SHM driver is for.
> > 
> Yep.
> But I'm going to try to get something from Multitech first.  If no 
> response or nothing constructive, then I'll start writing code.


We use CDMA and can keep time within a couple of microseconds. I am using
an EndRun Technologies CDMA clock which provides PPS, but the jitter on
the raw (TrueTime emulated) once a second update is about 4 ms at
worst. This sucks compared to the PPS, but should be good for most cases
where high precision is not an issue.

By the way, the external CDMA clock from EndRun is pretty well hidden on
the web pages under "Other Products". It is found at:
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