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Karl Denninger karl at denninger.net
Thu Jun 14 16:31:14 UTC 2007

Kevin Oberman wrote:
>> From: Karl Denninger <karl at denninger.net>
>> Date: Wed, 13 Jun 2007 18:37:43 -0500
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>> Steve Kostecke wrote:
>>> On 2007-06-13, Karl Denninger <karl at denninger.net> wrote:
>>>> Give me a break.  A GPS receiver is a hell of a lot less expensive.
>>>> Competitive my tailfeathers.
>>> There are some applications where GPS won't work (due to antenna siting
>>> restrictions); CDMA may be the best solution in those cases.
>> True.
>> But that pricing is simple rape.  The Multitech modem, which inherently 
>> has the same capability (all CDMA devices must) can be had for under $300.
>> Reasonable? I think not.
> Maybe or maybe not.
> If you want time that is accurate to within 10 microseconds, you need a
> bit more than just a CDMA modem with a serial connection. You need a
> reliably accurate clocking with a very stable internal clock to maintain
> this level of accuracy.
> The EndRun is a simple to connect device with power supply. When you
> need installation by POP techs, simple is critical. And the cost of
> integrating the MultiTech into a small, cheap server in fairly small
> numbers (about 6/year) would probably end up costing more than we pay
> for the EndRun units.
> If a $300 device can do the job in terms of accuracy and practical
> installation, I'm all for it, but the MultiTech does not seem to fit
> that bill. If it fits yours, it would be crazy to spend more.

Maybe.  I guess much will depend on how much work this ends up being, or 
whether it can be done at all.

If Multitech comes back with something productive in the way of support, 
then its pretty easy (e.g. a firmware change that gives me a "spit on 
second mark" option)

This is not all that far-fetched, as they already have several deferred 
commands in the modem that come back asynchronously - its a matter of 
them wanting to do it as opposed to being able to do it.

And they DO have control of the modem control signals of course, so PPS 
isn't impossible either, although that might be a bridge too far.

I guess we'll see...... I may abandon this if I can't get Multitech to 
get involved in it, or I may see if I can get it to work without their 

Karl Denninger (karl at denninger.net)

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