[ntp:questions] ntp sync and NetworkManger

Richard B. Gilbert rgilbert88 at comcast.net
Thu Jun 21 19:34:10 UTC 2007

Todd Partridge wrote:
> Fine evening all!  I'm having a little bit of a problem configuring.
> I not too long back got gentoo running and am real happy with this
> setup.  One of the first things II noticed is that it doesn't have all
> the detailed configurations that Ubuntu does.  Recently I've installed
> NetworkManager which is a beautiful app if you run a laptop, however
> using this now creates a bootup problem.  Since connectivity to the
> network doesn't happen till after the desktop is loaded  it nulls the
> script for ntp at boot time.  I noticed from ntp's man page I noticed
> you can run ntpdate as a cron-job.  Anyone had any experience with
> this? would this be the best way recommended?  or perhaps there is a
> different method I could be doing to sync my clock?

Try starting ntpd AFTER the network is available!

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