[ntp:questions] Time steping regardless of "-x" slew only option

vwvr6vw brian.l.hostetler at lmco.com
Sat Jun 23 13:09:13 UTC 2007

I am using the xntpd daemon with the AIX OS.  From what I have read,
the use of the "-x" option should cause steps steps less than 3
seconds to be slew'ed instead of step'ed.  However, I am seeing steps
that are less than 3 seconds and show no pattern(anywhere from 0.1
seconds to 1.7 seconds).  The only thing I can figure is that since
ntp is selecting a different server to sync to, it does not follow the
slew only logic that should be applied by the use of the "-x" option?
i.e. if I only had one server defined in my config file and it
stepped, I would not have a problem, but if I have two servers that
are out of sync, then I could see a steps on my processor as it ping
pongs back and forth between the two.

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