[ntp:questions] ntp sync and NetworkManger

ramadog at gmail.com ramadog at gmail.com
Sat Jun 23 15:56:57 UTC 2007

Danny Mayer wrote:
> I just looked at this report. It's incorrect. The real problem is that
> the DNS lookup is unable to find an address of the name specified in the
> config file. That either means that the network is not up or more likely
>  that the DNS is not available. This is NOT a NTP issue. I did add code
> which is in 4.2.4 that retries the DNS until it gets an answer but once
> it gets an NXDOMAIN then it will stop. I forget which bug report that is.

I NEVER claimed it was a ntp issue. With the whole bug report my issue
was with ntp being started before eth0. Revolving around network

That bug report is correct. At least for some people when network
manager is installed ntp gets started before the network is up. The
log entries show this and that is what I complained about. I am not
sure how you can say that a bug report of ntp being started before
eth0 is incorrect when the logs clearly show ntp being started before
eth0. I had also mentioned no eth0 for ntp to bind to (pre 4.2.4) and
the dns problems when trying to argue my point that ntp should be
started after the network is up.

This only happens when network-manager is installed. Remove network
manager and everything works as expected. The other work around I
mentioned was delaying the starting of ntp long enough to give network
manager a chance to do it's thing. Again that is not claiming a ntp

The common link between that bug and this thread is network manager. I
had though it might have been useful knowing that others are having
the same problem and towards the end of the bug there are some
comments about what network manager might be doing to cause the


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