[ntp:questions] Time steping regardless of "-x" slew only option

vwvr6vw brian.l.hostetler at lmco.com
Sat Jun 23 20:47:36 UTC 2007

I am using AIX 5.4 and NTP version 3.4 from what I can tell, which
came with the operating system.  ntpq, "v" option returns 3.4y.

This is not a startup condition.  xntpd has been running for a while
before the steps.

I realize that I have other issues causing the need for steps.  I am
investigating this problem as well.  I only have one time server, so I
have network issues or something that is causing the need for the
steps.  Underneath the one server, we have several of our processors
acting as servers to the rest of our system.  If one of our servers is
having interrupt delays from disk activity or some other issue,
perhaps that is causing the dicrepency.  Does anyone know the best way
to debug such a situation?

But I still need to understand why NTP is stepping when the
documentation I have says that it should not with the "-x" option.  We
have a distributed processing system with many processors.  It is
imperative that time does not step on any of our processors or our
software will detect heartbeat problems.  That is what is currently
happening, so I know that real steps are occuring and not just steps
in the ntp.log file.

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