[ntp:questions] NTP behaviour when server is not synchronized

Geir G geir.guldstein at start.no
Fri Jun 29 17:27:57 UTC 2007


NTP configuration:

Client: ntpd version 4.2.2 at 1.1532 running on Windows XP
Servers: 2 identical stratum 1 servers with GPS antennas directly

I want comments on the following observations. Unfortunately, the
system is currently not available, hence I cannot supply ntpq
diagnostics. I know that 2 servers is the worst possible
configuration, it is not necessary to comment that.

For some reason one NTP server lost its GPS synch. It switched to
internal clock started reporting stratum 12 when this happened. The
other server was perfectly synchronized and reported stratum 1.
Problem: ntpd rejects both servers and considers itself not


1. Does the NTP server behave correctly when changing its stratum to
12? Should it perform different/other actions when it considers itself
not synchronized?

2. Does ntpd behave correctly? Is a server's stratum used in any way
in ntpd's clock selection process?

Thank you in advance for your support.

Best regards
Geir Guldstein

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