[ntp:questions] What is the best program for Windows XP?

Danny Mayer mayer at ntp.isc.org
Sat Jun 30 02:44:55 UTC 2007

Guy Macon wrote:
> Am I wrong, or is Meinberg four versions behind?  
> If so, is this a problem?

You missed this announcement from Heiko today. It also includes the
reason for it being a bit behind:

> From: Heiko Gerstung <heiko_removeme_.gerstung at meinberg.de>
> Newsgroups: comp.protocols.time.ntp
> To: questions at lists.ntp.isc.org
> Date: Fri, 29 Jun 2007 14:40:09 +0200
> Subject: [ntp:questions] Release Candidate for new Windows
> 	Installer(4.2.4p3-RC1
> Hi there!
> I uploaded a new version of the Windows Installer to our webserver, including 
> the brand new 4.2.4p3-RC1 version of NTP. This is a release candidate version, I 
> ask everybody to carefully test this release and let me know if you experience 
> any glitches or errors. Please do not use it in life systems or production 
> environments (no, not even in your local nuclear power plant controlling system!).
> This version includes the fix for bug #527 which prevented us from releasing a 
> new stable version of ntpd for Windows for several months. The only special 
> modification I added was a small fix that lets NT4 SP6 clients run this version 
> as well (although Autokey might not work on NT4 machines).
> The new release will be called "foehr", simply because Foehr (in German: Föhr) 
> is a nice island in the Northern Sea (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/F%C3%B6hr) 
> and exactly the place where I will spend two weeks of vacation (starting on 
> Monday) ... hopefully chilling on the beach with my laptop and a decent wifi 
> connection at hand  :-) 
> Please download the new installer version from here:
> http://www.meinberg.de/download/ntp/windows/experimental/ntp-4.2.4p3-RC1@foehr-o-win32-setup.exe
> And please do not link to this URL, I will remove this file as soon as I 
> returned from vacation and created a new, official stable release. That one will 
> be downloadable from our regular NTP download page at
> http://www.meinberg.de/english/sw/ntp.htm
> As usual, you can contact me or my colleagues at Meinberg if you face any 
> difficulties with the installer or NTP on Windows machines. Please contact 
> ntp-support at meinberg.de !
> Best Regards,
>   Heiko

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