[ntp:questions] 3 Peer server at same stratum.

RICCARDO castellani.riccardo at tiscali.it
Thu Mar 1 16:35:53 UTC 2007

If I have 3 time servers (at same stratum) in my lan where each server
is indipendent and has set several NTP servers of stratum 1; I 'd like
creating redundancy so I think to insert peer option (using symmetric
mode) in ntp.conf for all 3 servers.

peer B
peer C

peer A
peer C

peer A
peer B

I read documens about ntp but I have always some doubts.

1 - which NTP server (among these 3) become active ?
2 - The others two go into passive mode ?
3 - What logic permit to the NTP server of these 3 to be elected
active ?

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