[ntp:questions] Doubt about Syncronization of GPS SPECTRACOM(2)

Rick Jones rick.jones2 at hp.com
Thu Mar 1 20:29:02 UTC 2007

> Looks like your server is not listening on the IPv6 local address ::1,
> which is what your "ntpdate -q localhost" said it was trying before

>> > > # /usr/local/bin/ntpdate -q localhost
>> > > Looking for host localhost and service ntp
>> > > host found : localhost
>> > > server ::1, stratum 0, offset 0.000000, delay 0.00000

> and that's why that did not work.

> What operating system are you using?  Perhaps you have some problem with
> the definition of localhost in /etc/hosts (or maybe /etc/inet/ipnodes) ?
> Or some IPv6 configuration problem?

It could be the case that getaddrinfo() (I trust ntpdate is calling
getaddrinfo?) is returning more than one address and the IPv6 one
happens to be first in the list - does ntpdate walk the list or just
try the first one?

There is also an option/hint - AI_ADDRCONFIG (or something like that)
which will cause getaddrinfo to only return that versoin of IP address
for which there are "real" interfaces configured with that address
version - ie it will only return v4 addresses if there is an interface
configured with a v4 address, and only v6 if there is an interface
configured with a v6 address.  Loopback (IIRC) does not
count. (leaving open I suppose the question of what happens with that
set and only a loopback address configured :)

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