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On 2007-03-01, edouard funke <korlaz at gmail.com> wrote:

> I am not trying to have the exact time on clients but rather, that all
> clients have the same time.

NTP synchronizes a group of computer clocks to a common timebase; the
most commonly used timebase is UTC traceable to NIST.

A good timebase allows you to achieve better synchronization between
systems because the clients will not be chasing a drifing master clock.
An accurate timebase also ensures that one second is consistantly one

> I must run NTP daemon on Windows Server 2003 SP1 and it almost sure
> that, in the end, NTP servers wont be able to have internet connection
> or even GPS

Clock stability is affected by many interrelated factors including the
host OS and application software, hardware, system load, and ambient
temperature. Some combinations of factors produce better results than

One important question you need to answer is what clock accuracy,
precision, and stability, are needed for your application. Without
a clear set of requirements you won't have a valid metric to use in
evaluating the test results.

Your tests should include running ntpd with the Windows Server in its
production configuration so that you can determine if that server will
fulfill your requirements.

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