[ntp:questions] newbie

Danny Mayer mayer at ntp.isc.org
Sat Mar 3 11:39:32 UTC 2007

mehmet bilgin wrote:
> I edit the server's conf file.
> server broadcast stratum 10

Are these on separate lines? They need to be.

> also start the ntp deamon with -A option.
> but still there is the same problem.
> i analyze the network and i can not see any ntp packages at the server side.
> it doesnot broadcast the ntp packages to the 
> what can be the problem.

What version of NTP are you running and what O/S and version.

> by the way do i need to give drift file to make broadcast server work?

No, but you do need to give it time to stabilize before it starts to
send out broadcast packets. What does ntpq -p on that server show you?


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