[ntp:questions] 3 Peer server at same stratum

Jan Ceuleers janspam.ceuleers at skynet.be
Sun Mar 4 10:54:53 UTC 2007


Riccardo wrote:
> What's logic to select the server (among these 3 peers) which gives reliable
> time to two others ?

In your example, each of the TI-x servers in fact has three sources of 
synchronisation: the external (internet-based) server and the other two 
TI-x servers.

Each of the TI-x servers applies the NTP algorithms (selection, 
clustering/filtering, combining, discipline) and serves time to clients 
and peers. Note that the time served by each server takes into account 
(i.e. is a combination of) the time stamps received from all of the 
survivors of the filtering algorithm (up to a maximum of 10, in ntpd at 

Cheers, Jan

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