[ntp:questions] problem in ntpd in resoving pool.ntp.org

muruga muruga86 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 5 10:37:38 UTC 2007


can any one help me, i get a strange error when i try to metion ntp
pool servers in ntp.config file and start ntpd, it throws a error
saying host name can't be resolved, but it is working fine when i use
in ntpdate.

NTP configuration file

server pool.ntp.org
server iburst minpoll 4 #use local clock
fudge stratum 10 #reduce stratum for local clock
restrict default nomodify notrap nopeer
restrict mask
driftfile /etc/ntp/drift
logfile /var/log/ntp.log

when i execute ntpd and see the /var/log/ntp.log file i got the
lines "pool.ntp.org" no host name and host name cannot be resolved

but when i try to give by /usr/sbin/ntpdate -d pool.ntp.org it is
resolved and
i can see eight ntp servers replying back and setting time.

why ntpd can't resolve while ntpdate works properly while contacting
can any one help me

thanks in advance


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