[ntp:questions] Trouble creating symmetric connection

Henning Makholm henning at makholm.net
Wed Mar 7 18:22:27 UTC 2007

Scripsit Ronan Flood <usenet at umbral.org.uk>
> Henning Makholm <henning at makholm.net> wrote:

>> However, I had expected that B.B.B.B would list A.A.A.A as an
>> association in 'symmetric-passive' mode, but it doesn't. Shouldn't it?

> Only if you have authentication turned off, which is inadvisable.
> Better to make both symmetric-active:

>   ntpdc -c 'addpeer B.B.B.B' A.A.A.A
>   ntpdc -c 'addpeer A.A.A.A' B.B.B.B

I though the point of "addpeer" was that a single association could
transfer time in any direction (and I still have trouble reading
the documentation any other way). If I need to make two associations,
then why not just do

  ntpdc -c 'addserver B.B.B.B' A.A.A.A
  ntpcd -c 'addserver A.A.A.A' B.B.B.B

i.e. what is the difference between a client connection and a peer
connection if both are unidirectional?

Hm, on further experimentation it does work in two directions with
authentified messages. I tried this before without success, but it
works after I switched to a 'M' (md4) key instead of an 'A' (des) key
with the same password for the authentication. Are there known bugs
in the DES authentication code?

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