[ntp:questions] TZ var not working with ntp time server

Darren Dunham ddunham at redwood.taos.com
Mon Mar 12 21:27:29 UTC 2007

craigwharding at gmail.com wrote:
> I'm in the Newfoundland timezone and exporting the TZ variable to
> "Canada/Newfoundland" then restarting the ntpd process keeps my clock
> one hour before the actual time.

> Is there a problem since the Day Light Savings came into affect the
> other day? My computer's time has been an hour behind ever since.

Perhaps your computer's understanding of what 'Canada/Newfoundland'
means is not up to date.

I believe that you should be 2.5 hours behind UTC at this point.

Do a 'date -u' and see if that is accurately reflecting UTC.  That's all
that NTP will do.  If 'date -u' is correct and 'date' is incorrect, then
your computer's timezone definitions are out-of-date.

Update them with whatever method is correct for your OS.

> My TZ variable:
> TZ=Canada/Newfoundland

   'zdump -v Canada/Newfoundland | grep 2007'
on your computer may also be illuminating, but has nothing to do with

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