[ntp:questions] (Software) timeserver for windows being broadcast-able incl. keys

Erik e.van.duijn at heineken.nl
Tue Mar 13 22:09:27 UTC 2007


I looked at the documentation and the html-file confopt.html you
I installed ntp-4.2.0a at mbg-fluxcap-v2-o-win32-setup.exe

Several things, in the documentation and in previous postings got my

- the command line to be used:   broadcast address [key key | autokey]
[version version] [minpoll minpoll] [ttl ttl]

- still not quite clear which address I should use here: the subnet
the machines are connected to?
They are on two subnets: and

And because of this confusion, also confusion on the following:
- a broadcast can not go beyond the subnet
"Ordinarily, this technology does not operate beyond the first hop
router or gateway"
a multicast can and - although this also uses the "broadcast" command
- on the client-side it requires multicastclient (instead of
broadcastclient which is what I have to use. "Have to" since client-
config can not be altered)
Does this mean that I ran into a problem here

- With the server I can broadcast just one key (with the "broadcast"
Do you have any idea why (in the ntp.keys-file on all clients) more
than one key is specified?

Hope you can give me a hint so I can go further

Kind regards

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