[ntp:questions] Doubt about Syncronization of GPS SPECTRACOM(2)

David L. Mills mills at udel.edu
Wed Mar 14 02:45:14 UTC 2007


My observation had nothing to do with NTP. I happened to install Vista 
and noticed during configuration that the address claimed for my other 
Vista machine was IPv6. I noticed in the properties box that the IPv4 
and IPv6 stacks are separately enabled. I don't know at the moment how 
to properly configure my Freebies and Sunses on the same wire for IPv6.

Hmm. Wonder if Autokey works in Vista with IPv6.

Actually, I'd like to do that as model for bringing up IPv6 all across 
campus. I am told I have the only IPv6 configurations on campus. 
Probably, the IT department hasn't yet realized that. This should be fun.


Danny Mayer wrote:
> mills at udel.edu wrote:
>>For record, I lit up a couple of Vistae here and they immediately found 
>>each other with IPv6.
> Dave,
> What exactly do you mean by that? Are they running ntpd? I haven't
> enabled support for IPv6 on Windows in ntp though I'm working on it.
> Microsoft has done stuff in w32tm but I don't know what or how well or
> badly it interacts with our version of ntpd.
> Danny
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