[ntp:questions] Set localtime Time to EDT

murraymn at gmail.com murraymn at gmail.com
Wed Mar 14 17:51:33 UTC 2007

How do I make serverA which currently shows:

hwclock --show;date;date -u
Wed Mar 14 12:42:57 2007  -0.174200 seconds
Wed Mar 14 12:42:56 EST 2007
Wed Mar 14 17:42:56 UTC 2007

Show as serverB:
hwclock --show;date;date -u
Wed Mar 14 12:43:50 2007  -0.321299 seconds
Wed Mar 14 13:43:50 EDT 2007
Wed Mar 14 17:43:50 UTC 2007

I've tried a numerous things to no avail.

I have numerous servers showing as serverB using localtime (have my
reasons) and they work fine with NTP.  But serverA keeps falling back
an hour when NTP restarts.  I suspect it's EST vs EDT.



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