[ntp:questions] ***SPAM*** Re: Restrict accepts also hostname ?!

Danny Mayer mayer at ntp.isc.org
Thu Mar 15 01:54:19 UTC 2007

> I tried to add into my ntp.conf this line:
> restrict ntp1.inrim.it nomodify noquery notrap nopeer
> likes to work !
> I found into this group that "restrict" requires only ipaddress but
> also with hostname I had no problems. I'm using fedora Core 4 and I
> installed ntp-4.2.0.a.20050816-0.FC4

You can currently only rely on restrict matching the server address if
the DNS only has one A or AAAA IP address but not both. I regard this as
a bug, but currently the code does not remember the name in order to
accomplish the matching between the server line and the restrict line.


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