[ntp:questions] (Software) timeserver for windows being broadcast-able incl. keys

Erik e.van.duijn at heineken.nl
Thu Mar 15 15:40:08 UTC 2007

Hello Tom

you're right, were actually several network segments listed falsely
The .194 indeed should be .192. This is the complete listing:

with netmask
=> broadcast-address

with netmask
=> broadcast-address

with netmask
=> broadcast-address

with netmask
=> broadcast-address

>> - Does the above require me to use more than one broadcast-address?

> Yes.

>From the PC which I want to act as broadcaster I can reach all above
network segments
Assuming the switches/routers between these segements are configured
to pass these broadcasts,
can I therefore set up the following 4 lines of the "broadcast"-code
in the ntp.conf-file ?

broadcast key 1
broadcast key 1
broadcast key 1
broadcast key 1

Or did I understand you incorrectly ?

> OK. Then if there is no legacy system to support, why don't
> you just reconfigure the clients into something rational?
> For example, get rid of the keys and the broadcast, and just
> point each client to the server with a simple "server [address]"
> declaration.

I agree, yet, the specific systems involved are maintained / serviced
by the
company who built them. The changes required to change the way of
time synchronisation are set under master user, yet password is not
given to customer. This means, systems are (on Linux-level) as-is

Thanks once again

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