[ntp:questions] (Software) timeserver for windows being broadcast-able incl. keys

Tom Smith smith at cag.zko.hp.com
Thu Mar 15 16:21:28 UTC 2007

Erik wrote:
>>From the PC which I want to act as broadcaster I can reach all above
> network segments
> Assuming the switches/routers between these segements are configured
> to pass these broadcasts,
> can I therefore set up the following 4 lines of the "broadcast"-code
> in the ntp.conf-file ?
> broadcast key 1
> broadcast key 1
> broadcast key 1
> broadcast key 1
> Or did I understand you incorrectly ?

That's the right idea, but the second one above already
includes the first.

Your network configuration seems a little strange.
What is the address and netmask of your server (or
the addresses and netmasks if it has multiple interfaces)?
You should probably just broadcast to whatever subnet(s)
it is on. You need one broadcast statement for each
interface on the server.


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