[ntp:questions] Authentication

Richard B. gilbert rgilbert88 at comcast.net
Mon Mar 19 14:24:11 UTC 2007

Hal Murray wrote:
>>Many sites run without authentication.  Others need to be able to prove 
>>that their time stamps are traceable to NIST or some comparable national 
>>standards agency in another country.  Such sites need authentication.
> How many of the national standards laboratories support authentication?
> I took a quick poke with google and didn't find any public
> keys from NIST.  (I could easily have missed them.)

That was how I THOUGHT it was supposed to work from casual browsing of 
the documentation and discussions here!  I've never needed it myself. I 
couldn't find anything on the  NIST web site.

This is the only link I could find:
and does not seem to be what we are looking for.

Who KNOWS how to authenicate with NIST???

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