[ntp:questions] NTP over DRM: http://hireme.geek.nz/NTP.html .2

David L. Mills mills at udel.edu
Wed Mar 21 03:49:31 UTC 2007


NPR currently uses NTP to synchronize the local broadcast time to the 
satellite feed. The crucial issue is to encapsulate the compressed audio 
in IP packets, not the other way around. I suspect PBS might do the same 
thing as well, as their programs start time deltas are be in the low 
milliseconds relative to UTC. The DRM page cited is riddled with errors. 
Somebody (me?) should send a comprehensive bug report.


Max Power wrote:

> Yes, but a BCD Time and Date is t deltasansmitted -- not NTP.
> NTP is a proven workhorse for time signal distribution -- and can be 
> implemented beyond the WWW.
> "DAB sounds worse than FM" <dab.is at dead> wrote in message 
> news:qTOKh.11108$GI.4265 at newsfe2-gui.ntli.net...
>>Max Power wrote:
>>>NTP over DRM: http://hireme.geek.nz/NTP.html
>>I've just looked at the DAB and DRM specifications, and they both allow 
>>the time to be broadcast.

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