[ntp:questions] leap_second,

Robert Sebestyen sebestyenrobert at hotmail.com
Wed Mar 21 21:36:49 UTC 2007

some weeks ago i got an excellent support from the community.
I was able to make my server run.
Now i am struggeling with a special problem and i have no idea how to do!?
For official timeservers you have to add on certain days one second more.
For example:
On December 31st on midnight you have to give 23:59:59.
The server is synchroniced to a HP5071A. If you try to solve the problem with date -s '12/31/year 23:59:59' ntpd-service is showing a offset to other servers of 2seconds instead 1second!
Has anybody a idea how to solve the problem or did somebody already faced that problem being able to solve it!
Operating system in use is Redhat-Linux, ntpd is synchroniced as said to a HP-5071A.

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