[ntp:questions] Bad NTP servers jeopardizing the pool.ntp.org initiative

Dmitry Ivanov dimss at telecentrs.lv
Fri Mar 23 08:04:27 UTC 2007

On 22 Mar 2007, at 16:35, Thomas Tornblom wrote:
> I was glad when I found out about the pool initiative, and immediately
> set up my systems and gadgets to use the swedish pool.
> I quickly found out that frequently I would not get any ntp service,
> depending on which server I got.
> Checking the IP address of the non responding servers I quickly found
> out who they belonged to, and I then immediately knew why I wasn't
> getting through. That inidividual has had a personal problem since the
> 80:s with the ISP I'm using, and is filtering out any traffic from
> networks belonging to this ISP.

Hello Thomas!

Are you 100% sure that he is _filtering_ that traffic? Have you tried  
to contact him personally?

I am running three stratum-2 servers located at two distinct ISP. We  
do not have stratum-1 servers here in Latvia (yet). Swedish servers  
are the best to feed my stratum-2 since we have direct fiber to  
Stockholm :) Unfortunately, some swedish servers (I do not remember  
exact hostname) can be reached from ISP1 only... This might be stupid  
routing or filtering issue. I did not check.

Being network engineer, I have to deal with such matters almost every  
day. Could you tell me IP address or hostname of server in question?

Dmitry Ivanov
Network engineer
Telecentrs Riga, Latvia
dimss at telecentrs.lv
(+371) 7160235

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