[ntp:questions] Synchronize clocks without a reference clock

Maarten Wiltink maarten at kittensandcats.net
Mon Mar 26 07:51:21 UTC 2007

"Per Hedeland" <per at hedeland.org> wrote in message
news:eu75u7$4p8$2 at hedeland.org...
> Actually you'd likely want to configure those "main" servers as peers
> to each other even if you weren't using orphan mode, thus orphan mode
> just becomes a simple addition for increased reliability in case your
> Internet link goes down - and much better than the "local clock with
> minimum of 2 stratum difference" hack that has been the standard
> recommendation, of course.

Allow me to play devil's advocate. How is it 'much better'? You're
still picking a single clock to follow, only now it's a random one.

If you had good sync before, all your servers will be running at close
to 1 sec/sec already and there isn't much of a problem, but on an
isolated site it may still happen that a very slow or very fast server
is randomly selected and very fast or very slow clients run afoul of
the 500 PPM limit where they didn't really need to.

I hope I'm missing something.

Maarten Wiltink

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