[ntp:questions] Offset is Slowly Increasing Over Time

Jason C. Wells jcw at highperformance.net
Wed Mar 28 05:33:36 UTC 2007

If the dispersion on a client machine is spiking at 8 seconds does that 
indicate that my NTP server wants to be a rodeo cowboy?  But seriously...

I gathered up the loop and peer stats per the FAQ, posted here:


If I restart all the NTP processes on my network I can get my clocks to 
sync for a while.  At some later time the offset creeps up to over one 
second and the clients will reject my server.

The dispersion graph is interesting.  The offset doesn't seem to 
misbehave in a pattern resembling dispersion.

About the only thing that I can tell from the graphs is that they are 
pretty.  I was hoping that some good natured soul would look at them and 
say, "Here's your problem."

My local NTP server syncs with my ISP just fine.

Jason C. Wells

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