[ntp:questions] ntpd sets clock to the year 1939

Danny Mayer mayer at ntp.isc.org
Wed Mar 28 12:24:34 UTC 2007

Garrett Wollman wrote:
> In article <4609C667.9010603 at ntp.isc.org>,
> Danny Mayer <mayer at ntp.isc.org> wrote:
>> Which would do you no good since we only distribute documentation in HTML.
> Which is deeply and profoundly broken, but your choice, I suppose.  It
> does make the burden on everyone else quite a bit higher, to have to
> maintain their own manual pages since the NTP developers do not see
> fit to provide any.

Actually no, that was Dave's decision. He maintains all of the
documentation in HTML. In any case manpages are not deployable across
non-Unix operating systems. HTML today is usable across any O/S you care
to install it on and can be browsed remotely. There have been proposals
floated to provide converters to convert the docs to manpages for people
who insist on them but it's silly to insist that that's the best way to
deliver authorative documentation.

> -GAWollman

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