[ntp:questions] Embedded Linux NTP system -500 drift

Cliff delraydog at gmail.com
Thu Mar 29 14:16:06 UTC 2007

Thanks for the pointers. I will withold mentioning the device
manufacturer for the time being as technical support has been helpful
and they have reproduced the problem but they still have no idea what
is wrong. Further, I have completely reproduced this issue on an
identical but separate device. I am now using a single stratum 1
server, to eliminate as many variables as possible.

The device does not include debugging utilities such as ntpq or
ntptrace so it makes it a little more difficult to test (I have
actually suggested that these commands get included in their firmware

Here is the ntp.drift file when ssh into the firewall:

Sash command shell (version 1.1.1)
/> cat /etc/config/ntp.drift

Here is 'ntpq -pn' from an external client to the firewall NTP server
(after recent restart, so poll is low):

remote		refid		st t	when	poll	reach	delay	offset	jitter
*66.229.xxx.xxx	2  u	34	64	377	41.939	-2.830	2.130	LOCAL(0)	10 l	27	64	377	0.000	0.000	0.001

Here is 'ntptrace' from external client to the firewall:

localhost: stratum 3, offset -0.005504, synch distance 0.063529
c-66-229-xxx-xxx.hsd1.fl.comcast.net: stratum 2, offset -0.023189,
synch distance 0.035368 stratum 1, offset 0.000000, synch distance 0.002650,
refid 'ACTS'

I'd appreciate any further assistance. Harlan mentions an HZ problem.
Not sure what that is. Is that Hz as in Hertz?


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