[ntp:questions] Consider the Undisciplined Local Clock synchronized at start-up

Eric nospam-01 at jensenresearch.com
Fri Mar 30 18:23:25 UTC 2007

On Fri, 30 Mar 2007 18:42:07 +0200, Spoon <devnull at localhost.com> wrote for the
entire planet to see:

>Steve Kostecke wrote:
>> Spoon wrote:
>>> When I start the "server" daemon, it takes a while (three minutes)
>>> for the local clock to be considered "synchronized".
>> This is normal.
>I don't know what "normal" means in this context.
>By definition, the undisciplined local clock is synchronized. Therefore, 
>one might expect that ntpd would consider it as such. Am I on drugs?

Well, the local clock is "synchronized to itself" as the only point of reference.  
I think Steve was saying that it is normal for the NTPD process to take that period
of time to synchronize with the local clock.  As for the other question, the verdict
is still out.   

- Eric


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