[ntp:questions] vsntp 2.0.0 Released

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Thu Mar 29 21:56:36 UTC 2007

To whom it may concern,

    (Sorry to announce this here, if this bothers you.  I really don't
know people are using vsntp and discuss it here untill I searched google.
^^;  I was not on this list at all.)

    vsntp 2.0.0 has finally released after 3 years of silence.  You may
download it from:

SourceForge download:
My own FTP archive:

    There are several improvements in this release, including:

     1. Added alarm() in addition to sleep() as an alternative
synchronization scheduler, in order to fix a problem that vsntp sleep()
may stop working after MS Virtual PC 2007 was suspended for a while, as
reported and suggested by Jean-Alain Le Borgne <jalb at pobox.com>
2007-03-26.  The codes are based on Jean-Alain's contribution.  Thank
you.  Two new switches "-a" and "-s" were added for for setting the
schedular.  Currently the default is -s (sleep()).  If you find vsntp
stops synchronization after running for some time, that the sleep() is
not functioning normally on your system, you may try to switch to alarm()
using the "-a" switch.

     2. More debugging information were logged, in the syslog log level
LOG_DEBUG with log facility LOG_DAEMON.

     3. Two SysV styled init scripts are provided for convenience in the
init.d subdirectory.  Check the README file in that directory for more

    Please try it, and tell me if you found it helpful or if you ever
encounter any problem.  Thank you.

Best regards,
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