[ntp:questions] Synchronize clocks without a reference clock

Hal Murray hal-usenet at ip-64-139-1-69.sjc.megapath.net
Sat Mar 31 07:01:42 UTC 2007

>Well, I was mainly thinking of the case where you have orphan mode set
>up as a fallback to external servers - then the drift value that has
>been calculated while external servers were reachable is a good "quality
>indicator". But I assume the non-"masters" in an orphan-only setup
>calculate a drift relative to the "master" - in that case, if you're
>happy with the drift of the "master", you will be least unhappy if the
>host with the lowest drift relative to the departed "master" is chosen
>as the new "master".

The value of drift doesn't have any correlation to goodness.

What you want is best stability.  What is the peak-peak value
of the drift measured over several days?  Or something like that.

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