[ntp:questions] Standalone PC Clock Sync

Danny Mayer mayer at ntp.isc.org
Mon Nov 5 03:58:22 UTC 2007

Russell, David wrote:
> The PC is running XP and the Greyware Domain Time II NTP client.

I've never heard of it. I managed to track this down. I can't tell a
great deal from what they say since they are short on real technical
details. Some of their charts are incorrect since not only does NTP run
on Windows servers of all flavors, it runs as a service. Not only that
the reference implementation is free and Meinberg has done an excellent
job of packaging it. They also provide a free monitoring utility.

There are some things that the installer does not do, like install
itself on remote systems, though it's possible to script that. It also
does not run on win9x machines. It's not worth the effort.

> I'll track down the drift file info.  Do you think that it should be
> possible to maintain the clock accuracy while the PC is unable to
> receive any NTP packets?

Don't bother looking for a drift file. I thought you were running the
reference implementation of NTP.

My guess is that it is using SNTP rather than NTP so it's not really
disciplining the clock. The reference implementation of NTP not only
ensures that the time is correct but it also disciplines the frequency
of the clock ticks so that the clock stays accurate even when the client
is not connected to any servers.

You are unlikely to have problems with the clock drifting with the
reference implementation of NTP.

> David

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