[ntp:questions] in pool, my server runs for days, crashes with no log

Dennis Hilberg, Jr. timekeeper at dennishilberg.com.invalid
Mon Nov 5 19:22:40 UTC 2007

fishtop_records wrote:
> On Nov 5, 12:39 am, hal-use... at ip-64-139-1-69.sjc.megapath.net (Hal
> Murray) wrote:
>> What version of ntp are you running?
> ntp-4.2.0
>> One common problem is running out of memory.
> Yeah, I've set ulimit to try to hold that.
> Altho I can't find it when I look for it now. Where does the ulimit
> belong?

It needs to be placed in your ntpd startup script, before ntpd is started, 
/etc/init.d/ntpd or whatever you use to start ntpd.

> My server is a dual Xeon with only one or two GB of ram, what's a good
> ulimit value?

I use '8192' for my pool server.  It's what's recommended on the 
'configuration recommendations' page, 
http://www.pool.ntp.org/join/configuration.html .

> Thanks
> Pat

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