[ntp:questions] which ntpd ? OpenBSD openntpd, BSD ntpd, other ?

Cyrille37 cyrille37 at gmail.com
Tue Nov 6 16:10:21 UTC 2007

I'm a bit lose to get a good system for setting computer's clock.
After asking about clockspeed vs ntpd, I choose ntpd.

But it seems to exists several ntpd implementation.
for example the Debian packages contains openntpd (OpenBSD NTP daemon)
which has not many configuration options, like no drift file ...
I've found ntpd in the BSD System Manager's Manual, which has a full
set of options.

Please, is there one reference for NTPD daemon which I can install on
my Linux box ?

My need are simple :
 - getting only one computer which ask time to stratum 2 servers and
then serves the time to my others computers.
 - not asking to much to stratum 2 servers by computing the time drift
of the server's clock.

Thanks for help.

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