[ntp:questions] Using a "composite clock" time source?

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Tue Nov 6 21:23:10 UTC 2007

Kevin Oberman wrote:
>> From: "scott.baker at gmail.com" <scott.baker at gmail.com>
> ...
> Make sure that they are providing time code, not just a clock signal. IF
> they are, it is most likely IRIG-B timecode and there are several ntpd
> supported reference clocks that support IRIG-B.

Spectracom makes a PCI board that reads a variety of timecodes, and they 
even have support for Linux:


Plus, of course, their 9200 and 9300 series "Network Time Servers" have 
an option to take IRIG input.

All these inputs are normally fed on coax cable with BNC connectors.

Hope this helps,


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