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Hi ntp-ians/Danny/Harlan,
  I am trying to compile ntp4 on vxworks5.5 and I was going through the
hints document provided with the source. I understood most of the part but I
had few questions at the end. It will be great if you can provide me your
valuable inputs related to the following section.

The document that I am looking at is

* I see configure.in only in arlib directory. So do I have to update
anything in this file?
* Do I have to rerun autoconf and automake to regenerate the configure

The configure.in <http://www.cis.udel.edu/%7Emills/ntp/html/configure.in>file
needed to be altered to allow for a host-target configuration to take place.

   - The define SYS_VXWORKS was added to the compilation flags.
   - Little endianess is set if the target is of type iX86.
   - The size of char, integer, long values are all set. If Wind River
   ever changes these values they will need to be updated.
   - clock_settime() is defined to be used for setting the clock.
   - The Linking flags have -r added to allow for relinking into the
   vxWorks kernel

Unfortunately I have had to make use of the ntp_machine.h
<http://www.cis.udel.edu/%7Emills/ntp/html/include/ntp_machine.h>file to add
in the checks that would have been checked at linking stage by autoconf, a
better method should be devised.

   - There is now a NO_MAIN_ALLOWED define that simulates command line
   args, this allows the use of the normal startup sysntax.
   - POSIX timers have been added.
   - Structures normally found in netdb.h have been added with, the
   corresponding code is in machines.c
   <http://www.cis.udel.edu/%7Emills/ntp/html/libntp/machines.c>. Where
   possible the defines for these have been kept non-vxWorks specific.

Unfortunately there are still quite a few SYS_VXWORKS type defines in the
source, but I have eliminated as many as possible. You have the choice of
using the usrtime.a library avaliable from the vxworks archives or forgoing
adjtime() and using the clock_[get|set]time().The ntp_machine.h
clearly marks how to do this.


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